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Established with the single minded ambition to be the one stop software solutions provider.


We cater to all kinds of assessment services for K-12 cohort and Multi Dimension , Professional and Global Groups.


We design assessment solutions for students, administrators and the teaching faculty around our locations of operation.


Our team collaborates with education technology service providers to engage with candidates by delivering immersive content and undertaking contextualized campaigns for a personalized learning pathway.

Unique Cloud themed Service design suites cater solutions built to address major challenges in candidates practice with real time simulation of assessment eco system.


Service Suite in Cloud Theme Design -

Assessment Infrastructure as  a  Service  

( AIaaS )
 - Roaming-CBE (RCBE)
-  Standing-CBE (SCBE)
Result  as  a  Service ( RaaS )
Questions  as  a  Service ( QaaS )
Test  as  a  Service  ( TaaS )


K9 ( Classes 1 to 9 )

K12 ( Classes 9 to 12 )

University ( Bachelors and Masters )

Emerging Study ( Multi Dimensional )

Global Academy ( Around World )

Image by Annie Spratt

 “Around The World 100 Examinations”

  • Examination remain highest access point of studies with lowest practice in an academic year where Students, Candidates and Aspirants need to know spectrum of career examinations available to Indians

  • To amaze you with number of career option. we bring a video streaming series  “Around The World 100 Examinations” to explore  cutting across Arts , Science , Humanity , STEM , Defense , Railways , Tourism , Environment , ,Mobility , Journalism , High Tech Communications , Emerging Technologies and Multi Dimension profession





 Civil Services

 Public Sector



 Mobility & Communications


 Earth Sciences

 Space & Cosmos 


 Multi Dimensional

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