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About Us

The world around us changes faster every day and is interconnected as never before. In the world of virtualization analyses the phenomenon of e-learning shows that an environment is created around learners for the concept of “Learning Anytime Anywhere “.   

With technology as a catalyst, education is moving from a knowledge-transfer model to a collaborative, active, self-directed and engaging model that helps students increase their knowledge and develop the skills needed to succeed in the “Learning Society”.

If we want to prosper in this environment, we need to persistently gain and develop new skills and knowledge. 

ED-TECH is defined as the emerging sector at the intersection of Technology and Education.

We believe that being in ED-TECH and HEALTH-TECH business ,  we have the ability to change the world if we stay focused and remain true to our values. We combine technical know-how with an empathetic, student-centered and iterative assessment approach to identify strengths and pinpoint deficiencies to ensure absolute success in high stake examination.

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